A really odd looking stop sign, reminding me that March 222nd isn't going to go on forever.
I feel uncomfortable right now.

Well, here we are again folks, March 222nd, another day working from home. A fly landed on Mike Pence’s head last night, the leaves are starting to change, and that stop sign that I saw over the weekend was giving off very uncomfortable vibes.


What’s the hot thing that the youth are doing these days? Tik-Tok? Instagram stories? That’s all fine and dandy, but that’s not my style. I’m still living in 2006, and back then, nothing was hotter than starting your own blog. So, in that spirit, that’s why I’m starting this blog. Because I’m fourteen years behind the times. Boy, am I excited for that new Nintendo Wii!

What is going on with stat stop sign? Why is it so ghoulish?

As we are currently living in unprecedented times (it’s March 222nd after all), my social interactions have really come to a halt. There’s nothing to go to, nothing to experience (well, nothing fun), no one to talk to at the office aside from my cat and a large, anthropomorphized cheese curd. Apart from my friends that live in my building, I haven’t really spent any time with other people for over 6 months. As such, this is probably the safest way to let out my thoughts, because people don’t look to kindly towards those screaming on street corners. Not anymore, anyways.

That stop sign isn’t yelling at you to stop. No, it’s quiet. Docile, yet firm. A strong pat on the shoulder ordering you to wait. Is it a metaphor for our current world? Perhaps a reminder that we need to take things one day at a time? A warning of times to come?

Another reason I’m starting this blog is to actually write something. I’m constantly reminded of this Onion article, which was me at the beginning of all this. “Oh great! Now that I’m not in the office, I’ll have time to work on stuff, write a script, really get in shape, it’s gonna be great!” What a dumb fool I was (am). Instead of doing anything productive the past half-year, I’ve mostly been doom scrolling through Twitter and playing Super Mario Maker. You know, like a productive member of society does.

Maybe we all could learn a lesson from that stop sign. Be quiet, yet firm. Listen, but don’t blindly follow. Put a little bit of stuff on your chin that maybe looks like blood to give people pause. Keep ’em guessing.

So that’s basically it. I’m going to try and write every day about something, whether that’s current events, something that I’ve read or watched, random thought or story ideas, or something else that I don’t know about yet. Hopefully you’ll like it and continue reading. If not, well, that’s your prerogative.

That stop sign is a reminder from God.

No, that stop sign isn’t some message from a higher power. It’s an oddly printed stop sign in the middle of a park in Dodge County, Wisconsin. It’s probably human error, but it is a reminder that there are still people out there, on this, the 222nd day of March.

Dan O'Keefe

Dan O'Keefe is the head chef at 21 in New York City. He has never cooked before in his life. You can find him on Twitter @danokeefe86 or on Instagram @dlraar


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