Who is Dan O’Keefe?

That is a questions scientists have been striving to answer for generations. Some say that he’s a folk singer, others believe he wrote for Seinfeld. While both of those men are a Dan O’Keefe, neither of them are this Dan O’Keefe. So, who is he?

He’s me! I am a writer, director, podcaster, and many other jobs from Northbrook, Illinois, with a degree in Digital Media from Marquette University. That’s a wordy way to describe myself, so here’s the simplest description: I am a storyteller. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to make up fun stories and share them with the world. That love has not grown weaker as I’ve grown older, in fact, it’s probably gotten stronger. So strong, in fact, that the love now holds the deadlift world record in the 18-25 age range.

How do I tell those stories? Pretty much any way that I can. Either through film, podcasts, articles, or performance, my passion for sharing, creating, and connecting drives me to create the best content that I can. Whether it’s a silly comedy, suspenseful drama, or real-life experience, having the opportunity to share those stories is something that I love.

As I said, I’ve created a wide range of content. The Thrill of It, a short film I wrote and directed, won Best Picture at the Avant Edge Film Festival and the Marquette Film Festival. In 2018, I was named Best Writer on Marquette University Television, and in 2019, I won the Robert U. Turner Award for exceptional professional promise in broadcasting.

What am I working on now? A whole bunch of stuff! Every Wednesday, I co-write and host an online trivia competition called Fast Facts Live. I also produce, edit, and co-host a weekly movie podcast called In Conclusion, where each episode we take a deep dive into a favorite film, like Jurassic Park or High School Musical. I’m also writing constantly, coming up with fun new ideas and revising old ones.

From my brief 70s model phase

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